Between space and intimacy |the self|

IMG_0498We choose. This is the path of life. We make choices. Even not making a choice itself is a choice. They lead us into spaces and places that reveal the “I” inside of the self. That is the journey of life: encountering the true self. Who through bright eyes dim sees the core of himself and nods? Who through dim eyes bright turns away afraid of the sight of their own seeing?


It hides the way magic is revealed. Craft a necessity of the master. We study our way through trial and error until we arrive at clarity. It is the empty space suspended between what is known and what we think is unknown. It is when we step forward that we merge the two. In the quiet we awaken to the realization that the answers have always been there on the riverbed within. Even inside the space there is intimacy. We come to see that space is necessary to breathe.

We ascend. We descend. We evolve. We devolve. Contradiction is the only light seen through the tunnel deep. It casts itself upon growth. Change. That is the way to mastery. It is the ebb and flow—movement—across the still waters of our soul’s longing. This is why we cannot remain the same. Stagnant water draws to itself danger and disease.


That is how the opening comes to be. Images in sand wiped and renewed with the movement of our allowing.  It calls us to lean in, to give into, to allow something beyond the conscious knowing to take us—in-spin—and release us.



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