Fear and truth cannot exist in a single breath

It creeps up on us in the dark when the ghosts blink by. Traces like faint breath collapsing inside itself. Fear. We listen only to the sound of Truth. Guided by the Light that the dark can’t find its way. Some shadows themselves have shadows. Eyes been closed so long the lock tightens; the braille freezes touch. We can’t learn our way through. Can’t think … Continue reading Fear and truth cannot exist in a single breath

The storm

It can be heard dripping down to puddles. It calms-to-end just as quickly as it came without warning, leaves a trail of itself behind so that the remembering stays. The swimmers are many. They tire. Those who ride the current are few. They arrive. It is when we allow, when we open ourselves to the widening of Life that we get there to the place … Continue reading The storm