It depends on what you desire


We cannot miss that which we let go. To miss is to misunderstand the letting go. To miss is to linger long-lasting in a past that no longer has a face, has lost color, has removed itself from the richness of the present. Some things we are unable to see—stuck there on the turntable where the record has scratched itself into new lyrics. What of the chorus-past do you hold tightly in the palm of your hand? Is not the moment the way of the path? Is not the present a gift? We cannot see what is when we are reaching for the shadow of what was.


Everything leads back to that place of sitting, that inward path leading to the essence, but even that comes with it the requirement of choosing. We must choose the present. We must choose now. We must let go of the lingering long-lasting in the illusion of yesterday’s shadow. That is the only way to see what is to be seen, and to know what is to be known. It depends on what you desire.

2 thoughts on “It depends on what you desire

  1. Me again..this is simply beautiful. You truly have a gift and I feel blessed that I get to benefit from it. 🙂 Can’t wait to look you up when I arrive early next year.

    1. Gwendolyn!

      Thank you. Your words mean more than you know. They are fuel for an engine that sometimes stalls. Gratitude.

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