I see inside the night. Mysterious things in the dark flicker. The light gets through. Some things are to be known.


The light always gets through. Even perfect circles have holes. All things cracked enough for the light. The magic happens when you know this: that there is no question at the root of your standing.

To be without questions, yet doubt all that is around you that can be seen with the eyes of flesh, is to touch Divinity.


We ask in order to receive.

We do not ask because we lack knowing.

The difference is seen only behind the painter’s eye.

Masterpieces arrive there atop what was once a blank canvas.

In order to create we must see.

In order to see we must look.

Who of the chosen look and see?

Who walking the path of the light where the journey exists inside its non-existence has unlocked the secrets?

Who knows the parables?

The one who knows is the one who sought without question and moved there along the current of her knowing.




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