A snapshot of my life in reflection


Each day I become clearer and clearer. Mexico is a gift in that way. I don’t think I’ve ever been this clear before, even as I’ve enjoyed a depth of clarity. Here, in this time and this place, I see differently. Snapshots of truth flash across my mind like fireworks. They come with sound and magic—the eye can’t help but see; the ear can’t help but hear—then fade without a trace. Some things aren’t meant to be forgotten and require not a single print of having ever existed.

This I know to be true:

I won’t live in Mexico forever, or even for the unforeseeable future. There is a future of its end, and though I do not yet know when that is, I know that it is so. I’m learning more about myself here: What I like, what I need, what I desire, what world I want to see when I open my eyes and look through them.

Also true:

I am here now, and I am allowing myself to be here now.

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