All things are within: The dark and the light


We decide in moments that we make decisions. The way is created from the opening of our stepping. We step through after the mind creates the way.


Life moves at the speed of a beat that belongs to no one.


That is the only requirement inside of life: to watch. We bear witness to ourselves with wisdom and the experience that wells up like the tears forming behind eyelids of confusion. At times we forget what we know and remain past the expiration date only to take ill. It happens when we eat from the spoiled, drink from the cup of another.

Darkness is contagious.

We must mind the gap, keep watch on the light that it gets in. What out and over the horizon do you see when you turn within? A glass house of beauty gathering stones for a rainy day. Your demise is in the throwing. Boomerang has a birds-eye view, waiting to teach a lesson.

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