All is well


It comes cool to calm, like warmth over the chill of the cold. Peace. I welcome it the way I welcome gratitude bursting from the seams of my inner. This is the walk of my journey through this lifetime. I rise and I fall in seemingly the same moment. I give thanks and I cry for the way of my mind’s movement at times through its cramped space of vastness. I am not alone here. These moments of dark house neighbors, people who, too, understand the imperfections along the way, the confusion that speaks, the uncertainty that reveals itself. We are all connected by a single breath exhaled and inhaled by the one who just walked passed, and returned again in the clothes of another, possessing another’s face. There is oneness even in our difference. There is oneness even in the difference of myself. I change moment to moment; sometimes I change back—the unfinished business of my mind turning my head toward the past or pushing it forward into the unknown. There is nothing outside of this moment. My attempts to remind it at times fail, other times they free me to breathe deeply, rest easily, be at peace with the rises and falls. The getting up is the way. And we do. We are called to that purpose: to rise from the place of our falling that the light shines again upon us and clarity be encountered. Today, I am clear. The morning of yesterday not so much, but the voice of my deepest knowing spoken from a tone familiar, yet outside of myself pointed there: All is well.

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