Stay Woke


I sit in contemplation that the hidden be revealed. It dwells there behind the recesses of my mind. Truth. I retrieve it as though a memory locked in a box.

No box.

No lock.

The key has always been there in the seeking, in the turning within. To follow inside the going is to arrive at the place of non-arriving. There is nowhere to go when we follow within.

We travel:

by way of vibration and energy.

We move by way of breath:



This is the essence of Truth. This is the mystery that sweeps in and leaves us profoundly changed.


And when we have contemplated for a while, touched the recesses of our minds, seen the face of truth, and breathed it in, we experience what it means to be Woke.

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3 Responses to Stay Woke

  1. Michelle Brown says:

    Brilliant! I’ve recently really turned within and tuned in to feel the frequencies I want to project, outwardly.

  2. Kissiah Young says:

    Thank you! Every day is an opportunity to practice. May we step up to that plate.

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