In secret

IMG_0864You tiptoed and

I heard.

Crawled stairs that I might listen.

Your voice,

the way that you evoked God,

had conversations





From whom

do I get this—

have I learned to go there

facing east in prayer, or

sitting in pews of

blind faith?


I commune because of


I saw you through the cracks/Under the door

did the light show/your voice

echoed like church bells ringing San Miguel skies.


I listened

‘til I slept.

Forgot I’d snuck there

outside your door.

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6 Responses to In secret

  1. Journey Johnson says:

    Exquisite ❤

  2. Jalyn says:

    Sometimes silence is the only worthy response to your writing Siah and sometimes it’s the image, in its totality.

    Silence pervades and bows before you, as do I.

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