We pause. We walk.

How far do I go inside?

How deep the waters that cover me. I am lost there in the sinking drown. I’ve swam beyond my ability to swim. I’ve reached shores that have drifted there in the distance/away. I’ve been alone in my aloneness. I’ve visited the inside where the dark of the cave reflected light/your voice

heard/thunder rolling skies.

The echo of my soul reverberating walls that reveal messages before hidden. We’ve cracked the cement/revealed the way.

I follow you always.

I know no other way than the path of the light.

I find my way always there.

I see clearly your pointing

even when I do not follow,

when the way of illusion seduces me so.

You are the Master—skilled:

bringing me back.



4 thoughts on “Humility

  1. You bring light to many Kissiah. When I can’t ‘see’ my path, the path gets brighter because of beings like you. You. I love you.

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