The Sustenance of God


I looked for you. The miles many until the road curved and the light revealed itself, like a moon full. This is what happens when you enter. You arrive. The journey but a moment in time, though decades have called me. They have named me. And only you know the language hidden between lines before the gray turns black and the white shows.

Then you answered.


I stopped looking.


Then I found.

A manifestation of my soul’s longing. You have carried me inside the embrace of ascension. It is there that I first saw you; the second time was when the peak became the valley,

and again

the peak.

I know where to find you.

You are there in the quiet-rest where life pauses long enough for the exhale to be inhaled.

You are my breath. I am sustained by your breathing.




2 thoughts on “The Sustenance of God

  1. The entirety of your sharing is deeply moving Siah,
    And yet, this,
    “You have carried me inside the embrace of ascension.”

    is beyond comforting for it is perfectly Trustworthy!

    Thank you as ever, Siah.

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