What I know to be true


When I glance over my forty-two years of life, I see how I have never had many friends, but that I have always had at least one, one who saw me, and loved me deeply. I will never be one with many friends. I travel mostly alone, and not that I do not desire to be close to another, but that I am from another place inside the life-vibration. This is not always easy. At times I wish I had a multitude, but then I don’t. I need my aloneness. I need my solitude. I need to be away from others and their needs in order to hear clearly the way of my journey and how I am to walk the paths paved and not. This is my incarnation of this lifetime. Should I return, perhaps it will be different. For now, I journey eyes open and awake to the seeing of who: Who is a part of my tribe? Whose tribe am I a part of? Where inside the vast space of life is the tribe? I step always in the direction of the road going, calling, leading me…there, and there is an invisible place, tangible only to the truest of seekers. I’ve seen my name placed next to the plate beside you at a table full. We sit together. God.

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