This is my |IN|sight

There are times when I allow the moment to carry me, and when it does, Spirit takes me on an adventure within. *Recovering from a cold, so the nasal sound is an extra effect. 🙂

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2 Responses to This is my |IN|sight

  1. Jalyn says:

    … to move from the space of two into the space of One,
    IN and for knowing the blessing of Oneness…
    Heaven’s dwelling.

    Snapping over here, Siah 🙂
    Thanks for your creative flow!

    • Kissiah Young says:

      …and it happens without knowing, yet the feeling an undeniable wave rushing in and crashing against the rocks returning again to the flow of the ocean. I am grateful for the moments. Too, I am grateful for you, Jalyn. You are the Sun.

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