Altar call


What of the earth calls for us when our hands touch ground and we inhale the scent of rain having left a part of itself?


The below is the above. All things a reflection through the eyes of the one who Sees. We prostrate that we might return again to the Source. On our knees are we found. It is the seat of worship. It is the position of gratitude; the place where roots dig the depths of the deepest den.


In one’s aloneness is God found; there in the quiet echo suspended between vibration and stillness. Deep presence is held in the stillness, movement that awakens the parable, manifests the unknown.

We dust the boots of our walking before entering. To be cleansed is the only way.


Bare before It’s face. To be naked is to reveal that we give our all to the All; that no-thing blocks the flow or hinders receptivity.

We lower our eyes that the ego not see, blinded by the expansion of the heart in prayer:

Wheresoever you lead I will follow. I walk through the opened doors.


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