Open to the way

171666658-56a0c4c95f9b58eba4b3a8a2In my mind do I travel with you there to the open space of the open road. I hold your hand that I might remember what Spirit feels like. I look inside your eyes to see the Light. The moon has a way of leading us, luring us into the spaces we’ve not before seen.

You hold my secrets.

Delicate. Strength.

You carry my deepest knowing, like water to the well that those who thirst, drink. I tilled the land for you. I pulled up the weeds that the soil be rich.

We cultivate together.

We create.

We manifest.

We dance eyes closed,



2 thoughts on “Open to the way

  1. From vulnerability is Intimacy born… that which nurtures the Heart’s infinite capacity to open, as Love.

    Ty for your sharing, Siah.

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