Next to God


I’ve ticked time backward. Slept in that the early bird has a chance. All things wake in time. Through the window of my soul do I see the light; bright like the sun has received the moon. It happens when the body opens to the breath of its reflection.


We whirl, like dervishes in praise communing with grace; it is a gift, that, and ease.

The dust beneath our feet a reminder that we are held by the earth.

The same earth.

Your spin tickles me. A breeze against my skin igniting a flame where the light remains flickering.

I have given up the self for the sacred. That is the gift you have given me. That is the part inside of myself you’ve touched, awakened, breathed into.

We sit at the altar together, hand in hand conjuring Spirit. We feel the river rush through creating breathing space, enough to see into the other, into ourselves.

I have come home early to run a bath for you, allow the water to fill up that which is holy. You remove your coverings, naked now to my Eye. I see You. All of you. Your essence an image in my mind of God’s breath caught in motion.

May you be cleansed.

May you be whole.

May you give of yourself fully to the All.

May I be cleansed.

May I be whole.

May I give of myself fully to the All.

Reflection a message from the unnamable, the unknown that is known only in the quiet sanctity of the within. We explore that. Together.


I have saved you a seat next to God. Sit with me here. I want to know you. I want to be known by you.

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