Blind faith

We walk through, within

Breathing you do I become full. Light penetrates the essence of the All that we might walk and see our way through dark spaces. It shows us the way; helps us find the cracks that lead us always there.


Freedom dwells at the core of the within. Through time and space has it been revealed, a reminder of eternity. We are vast inside of life. Life breathes deeply into the lungs of the one who inhales. How close we have been to arriving at but a single breath more. Then we stopped. We paused the going in order to sit in contemplation of the Divine. Leaving behind the bag we’ve carried from generation to generation. It never belonged to you, I heard you say.

I listened.

The message whispered is that of the Way, and receptive am I always to the pull of your press, to the tethering of my soul to your hand. You hold me.

I am held.


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