To be empty|To be full

We give that we might be connected to abundance.

Nothing is missing inside of life. Completion. We possess all that is, separation an illusion of the ego facing the truth of the mirror. It can only threaten. It cannot act. We access the All in all ways when we turn toward the within, and go. It is inside our going that we arrive at the door—cracked, never closed. To enter is a decision of the one standing there on the outside of the inside. Some knock. Some enter. Permission granted at the birth of our first exhale. Life breathed and we became one inside the vast arms of its breath. How fortunate the fuel of the food we eat! How blessed our being inside the brilliance of the blood we drink! We are sustained. Life carries us always there along the path of our going. Even through the cracked door was the energy felt, transformed us into what it means to be ready. We step now forward beyond the door of the entrance to the Way. There is only emptiness there, the sweet quiet of nothing, of All.

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