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Sanctuary Sunday: Changing the Channel in Your life (because you can)!


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It Is So

I have thought the thoughts since the origination of my thinking. Time having fallen back on itself that I might understand more fully the who behind the monkey swinging. The goal isn’t to stop the mind nor to follow it, … Continue reading

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I See Dawn Before Me

I allow the tears to fall. I hear they are liquid prayers. I pray my way through life until my eyes swell and breathing through my noes becomes a challenge. Nam myoho renge kyo. I conjure spirits that power enter … Continue reading

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Infinite Presence

It happens in the moment that we turn within. We hear the way of the path and the path of the way. The clutter of mind turned chaos fades behind life’s backdrop that the spotlight shows clearly the way. It … Continue reading

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Sanctuary Sunday

Join me here at my new project, Sanctuary Sunday, a YouTube channel created to expound on what I share from The Path of Quiet as well as other spiritual and philosophical risings. This clip is the introduction as the project is … Continue reading

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I have loved you before time ticked forward into itself. I read the stone carved by the hands of masters chiseling these words. You’ve awakened inside me the other side of the light where it radiates from its moon-space. How … Continue reading

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I have followed you there within and you have shown me the light of the way, that when I follow I arrive. I see every moment of my listening as a gift where all doors open to me and the … Continue reading

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