I have followed you there within and you have shown me the light of the way, that when I follow I arrive. I see every moment of my listening as a gift where all doors open to me and the key of access extended. In my wake, I reach. I contemplate you that I might share in divine intimacy. In my slumber do you reveal to me all that his Holy. ‘O Holy One! How grateful am I for the well that is you and the ocean it births within. I am filled to overflow, the pond now touching the deep end of my life and there is no going back. You are the lighted path and I continue to follow the way. You lead me always forward and beyond into the great mystery of the unknown. Even when I tremble, I tremble forward. I trust. Keep me close that I might always see what you see and hear what you hear, that I might learn to call upon Alchemy in an instant and manifest what it means to have followed and arrived at the ongoing.


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