Infinite Presence

crop.phpIt happens in the moment that we turn within. We hear the way of the path and the path of the way. The clutter of mind turned chaos fades behind life’s backdrop that the spotlight shows clearly the way. It is an unpaved path down an open road so vast the mind seeks not to know. It understands deeply that all things are available in time. Yet so quick we are rushing to hurry only to wait. The messages come when they arrive, and they rest there inside the ear of the one leaning in, listening. We birth after time creates the room and space for life; spirit a companion to this. How premature the way of ego. When we watch it closely we see the fragile nature of its bold voice. When we listen acutely we hear how it trembles. Fear sweeps through like a dust storm when we forget to close the door to ego and open it within. The road of unwanted circumstances serves to remind, to snatch back the attention it needs in order to show us more clearly the way. It is not the number of times we are snatched back from having fallen. It is the awareness of our standing and moving again in flow. That is the gift of the within. It nurtures us after collapse. It whispers an undying truth: I am always here with you.

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