It Is So

19931681_1518600378203986_2240278057107587072_nI have thought the thoughts since the origination of my thinking. Time having fallen back on itself that I might understand more fully the who behind the monkey swinging. The goal isn’t to stop the mind nor to follow it, but to allow the swinging its full course that it may discover more fully itself. The only way to arrive is to go. The only way to understand the distance we must travel is to ask along the way. The farther outside of reach we go should remind us to pause and turn within. It is inside the pause that we can hear, and through hearing that confusion fades to clarity.

I am ever clear.

It is inside this clear lake that I swim to your feet and touch your hem. How electrifying you are that my body shakes in receipt of you. The chills like heat run through me. I see the bumps come quick with knowing then fade once realized:

Truth is to be absorbed.

I laid my requests there at your feet when I went under water and kissed your ankle. I am intimate with your Magic. I am awake to the deepest truths. When I stand again eye to eye before you I feel the beam of your Word and hear you silently say, It is so.



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