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My Vow

Your voice, it is the smile of my heart beating the way chimes echo. I have sat at the feet of God in tears grateful for you, my gift. It is there that I laid down my promise upon the … Continue reading

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Image: Scott Stulberg I sit and write because it is the way. The words come calling like a ping alerting me of good news. The sound reminds me of the path and to remain there, and then you arrive like … Continue reading

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Niagara Falls

It flows dripping inside the drops; your body a river. How deeply it rushes in and I swim, learned to breathe there inside the depths of you that I might go longer, travel farther inside the vastness of your tunnel. My … Continue reading

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I contemplate her vastness

Allowing the inner creativity to flow through. May you enjoy this love experience.

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Rain on me

Sometimes a moment will hit me and a free-flow arrives. Here’s such a moment, one inspired by love and done over the instrumental music of Jill Scott’s “Rain On Me.” Thank you, always, for taking a moment. May you enjoy.

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Mi regalo de Dios

I am open. It is the door that leads me to vast places inside of spaces in time. I go with you there, wherever there is to go. How bright the way of light. How magical the skies cracking wide … Continue reading

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For Elizabeth Gilbert, Who Walked to the River’s Edge With Rayya

There is loss. It happens to us even as the soul knows nothing is missing. What we feel we lose has only been transformed, shifted, moved closer to the river. We sit there at its edge and contemplate the way … Continue reading

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