Mi regalo de Dios


I am open. It is the door that leads me to vast places inside of spaces in time. I go with you there, wherever there is to go.

How bright the way of light.

How magical the skies cracking wide to ignite fires that burn piercing always to the core of truth. I go there into the vastness with you.

You are the truth, and I twirl like a dervish arms toward heaven in prayer; gratitude the only word coming close enough to the closeness of my soul for you. You linger long, and in my mind are you ever present, a thought of love where laughter touches the tip of magic. It is there that I have found you at the peak of God’s sitting where the breath flows vast upon my hand touching yours.

Mi vida.

Mi amor.

Te quiero mucho, y

estoy agradecida para ti,

mi regalo de Dios.




One thought on “Mi regalo de Dios

  1. Tú eres un regalo de Dios, tomas mi mano, tus palabras me llevan a recorrer el universo alineado, vasto e infinito. Eres amor, eres luz, eres tú.
    Nos encontramos y agradezco que seas parte de mi vida.
    Te bendigo, Siah.
    Te quiero mucho.

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