In a past life have I loved you

people-prayer_1_origIt touches my heart. The right hand of God presses deeply into my soul that I might feel the pressure of Its essence moving through my body. It is an energy of potent subtlety, of a force of life that awakens me again and again to the overflow of love. I love you deeply, profoundly, and from that place within where deepness finds its footing there in the depths of wells leading to the center of the ocean where bounty dwells. I swim to find you. My eyes open always to the omens; my ears tuned in and leaning in the direction of God’s voice whispering the way, pointing to the place of your presence. I see you there in the quiet, legs folded full in lotus, arms open to receive. I recognize you in this time now from a life past. I have touched you before, taken your hand in my own and pulled you nigh. I have felt the beating of your heart, its rhythm in sync with my own. One pulse. One breath. One life. One eternity inside the timelessness of infinite time.

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