A single wish


They are large enough to hold us—God’s hands—supple enough to awaken inside the tender parts of our hearts. They beat, a single rhythm with a pulse keeping alive the All that is when God breathes. Here, this is my gift to you. It is the body from which I partake. Here, this is my gift to you. It is the blood from which you drink. Together we are the sustenance, la energía fluye como la sangre a través de nuestras venas. It is there from the essence of energy that we have birthed into form that a single life might be lived together. Oneness. It is your breath that I breathe. It is my breath that you carry like a book of parables, of Psalms, of Buddhist koans that reveal the deepest mysteries between us; that when read from your tongue unleashes the Magic as though the bottle has been rubbed and the genie granted us three wishes. In truth, I have only one: That you continue walking with me there into the mist of forever.


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