You are…



I have loved you through lifetimes. Divine the way light wakes sleepers from dreams are you to the soul of me. I dance with you, even in the aloneness of my travels do I twirl under the moon with you. I see your face. I smell your scent and it leads me always into the opening of the doors before closed. Vast. All things vast inside the arms opened wide. Divine. All is divine, and I praise the name of the most high. Who is higher than the light? Who is vaster? Who is the way of the path when the way of the path takes me always by the hand and dances with me under skies bright? You are the way. You are the light. You are the breath of me breathing still, and I breathe.


Have you listened to the music? Have you heard the voice of God whispering the way? I was there. I sat at the table just across from you and watched. The way of my voice is quiet, yet my soul speaks at an octave heard only underwater deep inside the seas of divers daring. I have fallen. I have fallen again and again each time a reminder that I am a fragile creature inside the embrace of the holy. See, God has breathed on me and that is the only way of my going. I go there that I might find you in my sleep. There in the dark of night have I walked. Who follows the light of the moon? Who follows the way into the unknown knowing that it is the only way of our going? It is the path of the light that we seek and search inside the standing of our being. This is it, and I am here sitting in the stillness with you, my reflection. You are, and you are, and you are still.



2 thoughts on “You are…

  1. Bella, mi corazón se enternece con tus palabras, con tus sentimientos. Te amo desde otra vida y te sigo amando en esta. Eres una maravillosa creación de Dios, de lo Divino. Bailo contigo más allá de la distancia, cada paso que doy lo das conmigo porque eres parte de mí.
    Eres amor, luz, felicidad, eres magia.
    Te quiero tanto, te quiero Moochie 🙂

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