It is never too late…


We find our balance when we pause to see the way of our going. Life lived in perpetual motion is a life blinded by movement. We pause in order to steady ourselves. We steady ourselves in order to know more fully the path atop which we stand, and in the direction we face. Balance comes from our ability to pause, and we practice pausing through our breath. How deeply do we breathe when life keeps us there in the shallow end of our standing, each breath rising from the chest when the source is lower, deeper, deeper still? It is there in the pause that we come to know and to understand more fully the source within, that place where answers dwell and renewal has made a path clear enough to inhale deeply, and exhale the weight carried since the start of the beginning. It is all a practice. No single journey the way of the path or the path of the way for all. We stand at the start-middle-end of our own lives with eyes either willing or unwilling to see clearly what was, what is, and the step inside of now that may create what will be. All is unknown before it is known, and even then, in our knowing does change spring forth a face of uncertainty. Yet we have access to grace. Even in the grit-grime of muddied waters does grace rise to the surface of clarity reflecting our truth: We are whole. We lack no-thing. We rise to the occasion of our lives in each moment that we allow ourselves to pause, to quiet, to still, and to hear. This is the way of balance. This is the way of shedding the weight for the lightness of being. This is the way of releasing what was in order to be restored anew. It is all a choice in our choosing.



*Image: Elephant Journal

2 thoughts on “It is never too late…

  1. Such springtime beauty,
    within The Eternal of Wholeness.
    Your way of expressing falls to
    the exquisite, dear Siah.

    Thank you.

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