We wait eyes closed for the answer

533443_10151320588782143_1613778847_n-e1506337423631It all comes down to now, to this moment inside of time where the unknown reveals itself that the knowing might be known. All things in time even when the time seems there outside of reach. We reach still that the extension of our arm be met with grace. May gratitude sustain us for the cup that runneth over to overflow where bounty shows itself atop the mountain. What of the view? What of the echo inside such vast expanse has us to believe that there are limits? Life remains always beyond-beyond, and beyond even that does life remain a well never to run dry; skin so supple it leaves us at ease when angst threatens to creep in. Breathe. It is there in the pauses that we hear. It is there in the quiet of no-sound that our intuition speaks, guiding us always to the Way. There are only opened doors before us even when the eyes through which we gaze ahead sees the uncertainty of dust unsettled. We wait. In time does it land there atop stillness and we see clearly what is: An entryway leading us always into the Yes.





*This image does not belong to me.


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