Waver Not

door knock
Knock || SMA, MX || 2018

I keep my feet close to the fire that the heat strengthens me. I am steady there rooted in the place of my standing. I understand that the only way is to enter in, so I lean. I have stood there at the door knocking. I have seen the crack give way to an opening so vast that all I have ever known has shown brilliantly its face. There is a face inside life that reveals the message, and when the fog clears we see clearly its way. Bones carved like train tracks that lead us ever so closely to the arrival of our going. Nothing is to be left behind, and no one. We are tethered always to the pull of the Divine along the tracks of the Way. Even when all is still around us does our heart beat to the movement of life and the echo of heaven feel like a drum to the ears of those who hear. Waver not.

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