Life Always Reveals Itself

Calle Hndz Macias
SMA, MX || 2018

Each day leads us closer to the going. We continue the way of the walk that we might arrive there where the door is open, and the way has been revealed. It is all a step along the path of our stepping. That is how we go. We walk. We wait. We allow. To surrender is to rest in the empty quiet where sound echoes. What of our hearing leads us there along still waters? And what of the heart opens wide enough to forget the pain of pauses long enough to remember that the door is opened always to the one who knocks? How quiet the tap, yet potent in the presence of the unseen. It is there in the unseen that we see the depths of our seeing. Look, and when our eyes fall upon the shadow, let us turn toward the light. It points the way of the path.

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