I am Held

Rain boots
Rain in San Miguel || 2017

Puddles they form at the feet of me. Tears creating mini rivers inside of which my faith is reflected. I look and keep steady my gaze that I not drift there where the current pulls. With life do I move, do I ebb and flow, and do I arrive at the shore of my arrival. I feel fully the feelings that arise. I allow them space to exhale into the compassion of life. I surrender. It is the way of my mind’s peace. It is the calm inside of which I abide when the abiding feels over there and just out of reach. I sit still. I linger longer. I contemplate God that my attention returns again to my faith reflected in the puddles underfoot. I swim deep in shallow waters that life reveal itself. I believe in Magic. I believe in the unknown, that vast space where the unseen is seen by the eyes of letting go. Again, and again do I let go, falling forward into the arms of the Divine. I am held. I know deeply that I am held.

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