Tears: The Fuel of Faith

Image: Neil Featherstone

We allow them to fall.

Some things aren’t meant to held back, kept from the true nature of being. It is when we are vulnerable that we are seen, and not from the way of what may appear, but rather the truth that nestles on the inside. To be raw is to be exposed. We open ourselves to receive when we reveal the empty space where the tender seeks cover. There are spots supple to soft settled somewhere between planting and manifestation. It is the moist place of buried seeds that has been cultivated. We lose days in the count—the sun has risen and set seventy times seven, and the moon an echo in dreams. Called only to sit and wait. We feel the pulse of life breathing alongside the pressures of life, yet we curve not; we do not give way to the heat. We keep steady our feet atop the rope tight in its stretch that we arrive at the place of our going.

We allow them to fall.

It is the release of the weight from the wait. The way of faith takes time inside of time and remains still timeless. A second, a month, a year—all but journeys of mind. Thoughts and energy vehicles along the road that lead us there to the destination of our intentions. We arrive swiftly as though time never was, and the waiting but space to create.

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