Image: Tim Little

Draw nigh that the seat is in alignment with the way of your breath. Breathe. I want to inhale the exhale of you. It gives me life, and I live, move, and have my complete soul inside the beating of you. Your drum an echo reverberating skies collapsing into themselves. How you bring all things to their knees in awe. How is one not inspired by your Magic? I have watched you turn stone to pavement that I might walk this journey that leads me ever so close. The air warms with the walk. Your presence felt like the sun—how it reflects off waters deep and brings color to life.

It is happening—the all—from the eye of the All. I receive fully the manifestation of the seeds planted in lifetimes past. The soil has parted, and now are they ripe with readiness. I watch as the magic happens. My bowl empty to be filled, and you pour into me that which cannot be seen, yet the weight a gift of bounty. I am grateful for the way of this walk leading me there to the hem. I extend my reach and you have turned toward and leaned into me.

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