Magic is Happening

Image: Alison Wright

I have been faithful, standing upward along this journey in faith, even when the teetering threatened to take me. The way has been filled with deep uncertainty, and moments more precarious than ever before known. It has been a walk along a road of loss, the kind that comes with losing things through letting go. I have learned to lean on the shoulder of life. It is the way of balance. It is the way of breathing through now that later might arrive with change. I kept steady still, and not of any self-doing, but rather the doing of my faith. To surrender is to release, and inside the release has life been allowed to navigate beyond my knowing. Now does the boomerang of bounty return. The doors are opening, and the river is rushing. My arms widely outstretched to receive what has runneth over from inside the cup. I prostrate for lifetimes giving thanks for the feet of me withstanding, for the falling floorward inside the collapse of life’s arms, for the will to continue, and for the deep knowing that I would always be held, sustained, and carried. I look now into the eyes of life’s Magic, and I am humbled.

3 thoughts on “Magic is Happening

  1. Wow Kissiah, you write so beautifully! You’ve expressed the depths of my experience with such grace, poetry and eloquence. You are a gifted writer. Sending blessings 💖

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