I Sit Now at the Table and Drink

Image: Shutterstock

I dance now in the light. The rain lasts but for a season, yet the clearing lingers longer still that the sun is felt there on the depths of the inside. It is there within the walls deep that I dwell. Caved as though the darkness has held me when the sight of me has seen the faces of change. How blessed am I that the way takes me there along its going. God. I have held closely to the soul of my being your voice that I turn there always when the way twisted down curves that seemed to roll into descension. I have seen the dark of tunnels revealing less light than the soul of me desired to withstand. I stood still in the standing of your voice. The way of the echo the sound of the all, and I go there. I follow always the omens. They have led me beside still waters that the source of the way keeps me; that it holds me. I am held always, sustained and carried by the invisibility of your mystery. It is there inside the way unknown that I have leaned. It is there inside the vast space of emptiness that I have surrendered to the Way. It is a path never before walked. Alone have I traveled that the trees keep covered my vulnerability. Warmed by the arms of those you’ve chosen. You’ve chosen, and you’ve revealed. You’ve allowed, and you’ve closed doors. You’ve opened windows that the bird be loosed, set free from what was and flying into the spaciousness of the isness of what is. It is all magic. It is all magic.

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