I am In Awe of You


I go there down paths before unpaved. I walk lightly that the feet of me not touch bottoms-deep. You keep me there held always in the light of your voice. I listen closely that my hearing leads me there always inside the light of the way to you. Where go I down the path leading me to the very sight of my being? What of my soul sees, and who takes me by the hand down knee-deep in the seeds planted before the manifestation of reality’s dream? How long have I dreamt of you? It seems I can count lifetimes and beyond that I might come but close enough to wonder still. A mystery remains inside of you. You take me there to the way of my longing that I might question more deeply, see more vastly, and explore the four corners of my inquiry. There are no answers, because the questions never were. All exists there in the container—the very center of no-wall. That is how I see you: Complete and whole as though contained, yet vast and profoundly reaching that skies collapse at the feet of you.

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