It Is When We Return That We Come to See Our Change

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The air feels lighter. The movement of its breeze flows through as if creating life anew. That is the gift and way of each moment. We are changed. We become different. We breathe-in that which has always been yet was never before. This is the paradox of life. Its mystery revealed only when we wake inside the unknown and give in to that which seeks to be known. Our paths remain pathless. The steps we take along the way are led by the leading of the intangible nature of life. What of life has ever been touched by the tip of your finger? It points within. That is the start, the entry point where vastness shakes us to wake.


It rained last night. The leaves remain moist to drip; rust in color waiting for the fall. To watch is to meditate. To wonder is to lose sight of the moment. The breeze again returns, and the fall happens. The leaves linger long no more. They’ve gone from being tethered to being loosed. They know of a freedom we cannot practice; feelings to full in the field of attachment. Yet there are glimpses. We close our eyes and feel the air anew. We experience the breath of the breeze sweep through touching us to tickle.


Unlike the leaves we remain tethered journeying always within seeking that which frees us to be loosed.

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