This is About Change

A new day
Me || by Me || 11.18

I’ve changed it all in order to be different. This is the only way to expand, to stretch inside a bosom that grows in order to fit the fullness of life. There are no walls, no boxes, no barriers keeping us anywhere. We remain by choice. We change by choice. This is the way of growth. Experience is our greatest teacher, and it isn’t until we dive there headfirst into the deep end of the ocean that we come to see of what we are made.

I left the window cracked so that the breeze could blow in, rattling the papers atop the table, and causing arms to chill. I’ve been journeying, and now do I see more clearly the way of my going. There is no other way to get there. We have to live the journey within, and I’ve chosen that way as the path to the path itself: within. Even when that which is around me doesn’t understand or is challenged to see the tip of where the finger points, I remain in the stillness. No one knows like the one who journeys, and even the one who walks the road leading them there must pause and listen to the voice that tugs from the inside out. We are tethered always to nothing, yet to all things are we connected.

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