Contrast Continues to Teach Us

West Oakland || KY 2018

It isn’t until we experience contrast that we come to know what is and what is not. For better or worse we arrive there at the intersection of clarity and decision; from there we choose in which direction to travel. There are four corners, each leading us down a path where we are destined to be changed. It is inevitable. We cannot arrive at the same place in the same way. Life has a way of entering in like dreams arriving in our sleep—there is no control, only an awareness of something having happened. We may or may not remember whom we were before, and there is limited time to go back and contemplate the way of the past. The moment beckons us, asking that we open wide our eyes to its presence, and that we be present in the now.

Perhaps we linger longer there at the intersection. To know in which direction to journey, is a practice in cultivating a relationship with our intuition. Whose voice do we hear, and to whom do we listen? This reveals the way of the path and the path of the way. This, too, determines the ease of flow or the uncertainty that comes with the pulse of the unknown. I know both well. Ease allows us to breathe, to relax with grace inside the arms of life’s magic; and uncertainty reminds us that no-thing is promised, no-thing may be as it appears, and that gratitude is the way in which we return to flow.

I exist now in both places. I am flowing inside the uncertainty of the unknown while realizing one thing for certain: Change. There is and will always be change. This is how I’ve come to appreciate contrast. See, when the road is rugged it allows me to ride out the terrain knowing that in time the path will smooth, because nothing remains the same—impermanence—and when I walk seemingly atop water, I remind myself to cherish the moment, and to celebrate the smooth calm of life’s movement, because at any time the sinking can happen. It all depends on that intersection and in which direction we travel; and of the human experience inside the vastness of life. We do not know all things. Contrast teaches us this.

So, today, as each moment reveals itself, we keep steady our eyes in the direction of openness, and we lean our ears in ever so close to the voice of truth that we are rightly guided. We pause before we step, and not from a place of confusion, but rather to hear the echo, the reverberation of Life’s breath breathing on us.

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