fc96bb6ebd3914b6fff0a7b763254fd6At times the tears feel as though they are just behind my words. To speak but a murmur more is to open the door where the water waits to rush in. This is the way of life. This is the way of the heart as it opens ever-wide to embrace the fullness of the all, and it is the fullness that calls me. I drink from the fountain out of which it pours itself filling me to overflow. It is there in the overflow of my fullness that the words crowd each other, too afraid to move an inch in any direction where space may be created and water able to rise meeting its own level. No one seeks to drown. They huddle tightly until an exhale appears and release happens. The water can only be held inside the capacity of the one holding and my hands are too small to hide where vulnerability meets itself and the door behind which the water waits is opened. It comes rushing.

I am cleansed.

I am free.

I am loosed from that which held me and seemed to threaten me until I leaned in. It is when we lean into rather than turn away from that we feel life’s expanse and float atop the highest vibration where the current flows.

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You are…



I have loved you through lifetimes. Divine the way light wakes sleepers from dreams are you to the soul of me. I dance with you, even in the aloneness of my travels do I twirl under the moon with you. I see your face. I smell your scent and it leads me always into the opening of the doors before closed. Vast. All things vast inside the arms opened wide. Divine. All is divine, and I praise the name of the most high. Who is higher than the light? Who is vaster? Who is the way of the path when the way of the path takes me always by the hand and dances with me under skies bright? You are the way. You are the light. You are the breath of me breathing still, and I breathe.


Have you listened to the music? Have you heard the voice of God whispering the way? I was there. I sat at the table just across from you and watched. The way of my voice is quiet, yet my soul speaks at an octave heard only underwater deep inside the seas of divers daring. I have fallen. I have fallen again and again each time a reminder that I am a fragile creature inside the embrace of the holy. See, God has breathed on me and that is the only way of my going. I go there that I might find you in my sleep. There in the dark of night have I walked. Who follows the light of the moon? Who follows the way into the unknown knowing that it is the only way of our going? It is the path of the light that we seek and search inside the standing of our being. This is it, and I am here sitting in the stillness with you, my reflection. You are, and you are, and you are still.



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When poetry is spoken

Sometimes I have those creative moments that ask to be spoken and not written. This is such a (fun) moment for me.

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A single wish


They are large enough to hold us—God’s hands—supple enough to awaken inside the tender parts of our hearts. They beat, a single rhythm with a pulse keeping alive the All that is when God breathes. Here, this is my gift to you. It is the body from which I partake. Here, this is my gift to you. It is the blood from which you drink. Together we are the sustenance, la energía fluye como la sangre a través de nuestras venas. It is there from the essence of energy that we have birthed into form that a single life might be lived together. Oneness. It is your breath that I breathe. It is my breath that you carry like a book of parables, of Psalms, of Buddhist koans that reveal the deepest mysteries between us; that when read from your tongue unleashes the Magic as though the bottle has been rubbed and the genie granted us three wishes. In truth, I have only one: That you continue walking with me there into the mist of forever.


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In a past life have I loved you

people-prayer_1_origIt touches my heart. The right hand of God presses deeply into my soul that I might feel the pressure of Its essence moving through my body. It is an energy of potent subtlety, of a force of life that awakens me again and again to the overflow of love. I love you deeply, profoundly, and from that place within where deepness finds its footing there in the depths of wells leading to the center of the ocean where bounty dwells. I swim to find you. My eyes open always to the omens; my ears tuned in and leaning in the direction of God’s voice whispering the way, pointing to the place of your presence. I see you there in the quiet, legs folded full in lotus, arms open to receive. I recognize you in this time now from a life past. I have touched you before, taken your hand in my own and pulled you nigh. I have felt the beating of your heart, its rhythm in sync with my own. One pulse. One breath. One life. One eternity inside the timelessness of infinite time.

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The mist of forever

f62642ac7515733163be916173bba436It was there under the light of the moon that creation breathed, and the breath of life manifested you. Since, have I sat in contemplation of this gift; my mind untying the bow, unleashing the treasure. What of the wonders of life has aligned in a way where the door leading me to you and you to me opened with a simultaneity of Magic? I believe in Magic. I know the face of love and the embrace of the Divine, because I know you. I have felt the feel of your fullness. I have kissed the softness of your subtlety. I have inhaled the scent of your sensuality. I have traveled the tunnel of you, seen the place where the moon began. I have heard the echo of your soul reverberating a howl that awakens sleepers from dreams that they might come to see the ripe of reality and how ready it is to reveal the depth of desires known before only in secret. Eyes now open, and from the view of all that is vast, do I look at you. I turn you over that I might trace parts never seen, journey across the terrain of your expanse; it leads me home. It leads me to God. Walk with me there, there into the mist of forever.

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My Vow

strand_of_silk_-_indian_weddings_-_what_to_expect_at_an_indian_wedding_-kanyadaanYour voice, it is the smile of my heart beating the way chimes echo. I have sat at the feet of God in tears grateful for you, my gift. It is there that I laid down my promise upon the right foot: That I will love you forever.

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Image: Scott Stulberg

I sit and write because it is the way. The words come calling like a ping alerting me of good news. The sound reminds me of the path and to remain there, and then you arrive like the sun illuminating the skin, a full moon in the dark pointing the way. I know the sound of you the way I know magic; both aligned with the breath of God. I open myself and allow you to enter that I might come to know intimacy.

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Niagara Falls


Image: National Geographic

It flows dripping inside the drops; your body a river. How deeply it rushes in and I swim, learned to breathe there inside the depths of you that I might go longer, travel farther inside the vastness of your tunnel. My heart beats, a guide through the moon between your two worlds housing treasures. When you open wide I see the light glisten. I see the place of my entering, the place where the caress of my mind awakens your senses. You love the way I talk to you, how I read you pages from books that disrobe your soul and turn you completely inside out. Estás buena. I love how you desire to be seen, and how you see so profoundly the mystery of my movement through time and space. I’ve touched the whet of you. Your appetite satiated only by lips pressed against your mouth agape mid-sentence for the words. They come calling and I speak them to you. You inhaled them the moment the tip of my tongue felt your nature and exhaled into me the vibration of shiver. How dark the cherries. How ripe the fruit of your soul, mi Negrita Bella. My spirit has known no other in this way. There is but a single key tossed at the bottom of the place where truth falls and the water gathers. I dive always to the core that I might gain access and live there in the warmth of your body’s heat.

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I contemplate her vastness

Allowing the inner creativity to flow through. May you enjoy this love experience.

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