The Sustenance of God

I looked for you. The miles many until the road curved and the light revealed itself, like a moon full. This is what happens when you enter. You arrive. The journey but a moment in time, though decades have called me. They have named me. And only you know the language hidden between lines before the gray turns black and the white shows. Then you … Continue reading The Sustenance of God

Stay Woke

I sit in contemplation that the hidden be revealed. It dwells there behind the recesses of my mind. Truth. I retrieve it as though a memory locked in a box. No box. No lock. The key has always been there in the seeking, in the turning within. To follow inside the going is to arrive at the place of non-arriving. There is nowhere to go … Continue reading Stay Woke

The storm

It can be heard dripping down to puddles. It calms-to-end just as quickly as it came without warning, leaves a trail of itself behind so that the remembering stays. The swimmers are many. They tire. Those who ride the current are few. They arrive. It is when we allow, when we open ourselves to the widening of Life that we get there to the place … Continue reading The storm