I go there, wherever there is to go

An Ode to San Miguel de Allende, a small colonial mountain town in Mexico that was my home for ten months. I am reminded that all things arise, and all things fall away; all things come, and all things go. I stand now at the exit, a door that was just before an entrance into a world foreign. No longer separated by language. I have … Continue reading I go there, wherever there is to go

For Elizabeth Gilbert, Who Walked to the River’s Edge With Rayya

There is loss. It happens to us even as the soul knows nothing is missing. What we feel we lose has only been transformed, shifted, moved closer to the river. We sit there at its edge and contemplate the way of our going. Where are we going and how do we travel? What have we seen when the distance between the start and the ending … Continue reading For Elizabeth Gilbert, Who Walked to the River’s Edge With Rayya

Time immemorial

I’ve seen the face of gratitude. The mirror does not lie. I’ve turned it toward you. My reflection. You remind me of what I’ve forgotten. You listen to the remembrance of my core when I return again to truth. You are the stone upon which I have carved our meeting: April 5, 1975. I awoke in the wee hours of that morning. A cry let … Continue reading Time immemorial

In loss we find the other

Lifting my head from Doty’s Heaven’s Coast, I arrive at the intersection of death and loss, and from the nothingness comes sound. Fingers strumming in tune. There’s a celebration somewhere. Happiness. What music shapes into form like playdough in the hands of children? I don’t recognize the tune, but the words—the emotion and reality of that intersection—belongs to me, too. I’ve crossed that street more than once; … Continue reading In loss we find the other

I am listening

In each moment do I come to know more fully what this is about, why I am here: To look and to see. To listen and to hear. It has been me all along. It is true. It has, and no one can show you the way of that. Some things we must come to know in that one moment when all aligns and receptivity … Continue reading I am listening