My Freeform Locs Journey

freeform day 2 silly face
Freeform Locs Day 2 || July 10

Life is all about change, something that I am seeing and experiencing unlike any time before and it’s quite amazing. I know, change and amazing aren’t usually words we find linked together and yet since leaving my life in California, moving to Mexico where I lived for ten months, and now a transplant in Atlanta, I am experiencing change after change after change, and guess what? I’m embracing it. Not only that, I am practicing picking change up, placing it in my backpack, and running with it. We’re becoming partners in crimeless crime.

I feel as though I’m on an evolution wheel being guided by the breath of life, by the wind that moves both the seen and unseen. At times I can see the way of my going yet mostly cannot. It is all a mystery where nerves and excitement intersect. There’s a lot happening at that intersection and I see it all as life’s magic no matter what face it wears or how much time passes—those aren’t real. What’s real is what I know to be true: I’m evolving through time and space, changing in ways I never thought and, like a newborn baby, stretching inside life’s vastness.

The latest change came early evening on July 8th just before recording Sanctuary Sunday. I had been perusing Youtube for different ways of taking care of, and styling locs (a preferred name for many over dreadlocks), when I kept coming across what are called freeform locs, and thought they were gorgeous! Of course, there are a gazillion looks inside the freeform loc world, but they definitely got my attention in a way cultivated (neatly twisted) locs had not, even as I presently have cultivated locs which I started in December of 2017. So, what’s the change? That’s the change! On the eighth I made the decision to stop cultivating my locs, that is, stop retwisting them after each wash so they remain looking “neat,” and allow them to be free. It has only been two days, but I have to say, I am overly thrilled!

freeform day 2
Freeform Locs Day 2 || Crown || July 10

Disclaimer: It takes quite a bit of courage and thick skin to go in this direction as it colors very far outside the lines of what society dictates as what should or should not be, along with what is considered “traditionally” beautiful, which has always been interesting to me. In a world of different cultures, how is there a traditional form of beauty, and who gets to set it? I digress. The look and nature of my hair is going to present differently week to week, month to month, and year to year. As much as I am thrilled, I am sure to encounter moments when I wonder what the heck I’ve chosen to do, but that is a part of life. We have to enter in, be with the way of what we’ve entered into, and grow in connection with the experience. That is how we change and practice the way of what comes with change. To arrive at difference is to have evolved.

This journey of change has me stepping onto paths that are unfamiliar, yet now I am journeying to become intimately familiar. I’ll be posting along the way as well as documenting how I’m feeling, what I’ve been doing, and what’s been happening around this freeform locs journey. I’ll also be posting on my IG: I invite you to journey with me. I welcome your questions, comments, and of course your support.

To being free!