The comings and goings…

November 11, 2017|10:16am

Prayer without ceasing is the key to a release of radiant streams of God-energy that focus in the chalice of your being. The garnering of this energy will in time make the son to become one with the Father, for these energies are powerful and they are life. They are abundant, and they do perform within you that which mere mortal wishing can never do.  – Prayer and Meditation|Jesus and Kuthumi

September 29, 2017|12:25pm

I’m realizing that Mexico isn’t about Mexico. My being in Mexico has nothing to do with Mexico, yet everything to do with it. Paradox. This time is about my journey and what I’ve chosen as the path of my journey. I am here in Mexico because I chose it. It was an instant that occurred over years. The appearance of spontaneity has actually been years in brew, years of marinating this manifestation. The same is true for the MFA program. I thought about it years ago, a decade or more, and now here I am in the program. It’s like my past was a glimpse into the future. I’m living my past for the first time now; I’m living the thoughts of my past. If that be that case, I have some wonderful things ahead of me, which is to say, in the now-present of me. Gratitude and abundance.

Calle Hndz Macias

September 27, 2017|5:08pm

I appreciate living in Mexico. So much clarity arrives like a gift each day. Life is magical in the way it shows up like this and points me in the direction of what is true. The eye is limited in its view, but Life is vast and wide. I walk through the open doors, always, even as I see they arrive differently than pictured. I acquiesce to God.

September 26, 2017|2:35pm

Sitting in Ki’bok cafe on Calle Sollano in appreciation for my best friend. We share a lifetime journey masked in but a few years. Her support awakens, enlivens, and turns me always toward both my intention and the highest truth we hold. May Life always hold her, carrying her into Its overflow of magic.


September 25, 2017|7:41pm

May we all be more forgiving.

September 25, 2017|6:37pm

I have spent the day writing my way through the day itself. I have asked, more than once: Why am I here? The answers come in the form of answers that lead me to the words. I keep writing. It is the way of my knowing. It is the way to know. There is something unsettled, yet the very nature of the unsettling that is has purpose. That’s what trips me up and catches me in faith. Faith hasn’t changed. Faith has momentum. Faith has motion. Faith has the clarity of knowing.



September 23, 2017|5:05pm

It’s Saturday, just after 5pm in San Miguel de Allende. The rain pours as though a gift to the thirsty. I’ve been nicely tucked away atop my bed looking out at the world. It’s still bright outside; the rain didn’t bring gray when it came. In the distance are vast mountains, tops of houses, the Parroquia. My rain boots are waiting at the door to exit. I’m in pursuit of Ferrero Rochers.

Rain boots

A cobblestone trek in the rain for chocolate.