Sanctuary Sunday

Raw VI

Sanctuary Sunday is a vlog type project that I started in December of 2017 while living in Mexico. My journey through faith and allowing is from what it was created. It is amazing how during uncertain times a single effort can transform us. Sanctuary Sunday has been that single effort of transformation for me, even when I felt like throwing in the towel, because showing up each week to record a message seemed too much. When we’re going through testing times it isn’t always easy to shine, yet when we choose to shine anyway we come to see how we actually moved through that very thing. Amen! In many ways this project has served as a reminder for me to keep steady, to continue to trust life and the process, to place life’s magic at the forefront of every moment inside of each day, and to know that I am held, sustained, and carried by life. It gives me a deep feeling of joy to say that Sanctuary Sunday has been a source of inspiration to others. Now, it has this forum from which to grow larger wings and soar. If the project resonates with you, please subscribe to my YouTube channel so that we can fly together. Many thanks.

*For a complete list of videos dating back to the start of the project in December 2017, they are available on my YouTube Channel.