It Is When We Return That We Come to See Our Change

I. The air feels lighter. The movement of its breeze flows through as if creating life anew. That is the gift and way of each moment. We are changed. We become different. We breathe-in that which has always been yet was never before. This is the paradox of life. Its mystery revealed only when we wake inside the unknown and give in to that which … Continue reading It Is When We Return That We Come to See Our Change

Blind faith

Breathing you do I become full. Light penetrates the essence of the All that we might walk and see our way through dark spaces. It shows us the way; helps us find the cracks that lead us always there. Within. Freedom dwells at the core of the within. Through time and space has it been revealed, a reminder of eternity. We are vast inside of … Continue reading Blind faith

The way has been made

I’ve danced with you because I’ve known no other way. I sit still at your feet where the touch of your garment is made easy. I reach always for you. The light. And the way is made clear. Within. You exist even when I forget my way, when my attention shifts and clarity goes confused. Then you call me. Your voice, an echo that the … Continue reading The way has been made