An Ode to San Miguel de Allende

I woke this morning at five-thirty, tossing and turning a bit before reaching for my phone and perusing Instagram. It’s dark out here in San Miguel, though amber lights can be seen in the distance, twinkling against the black backdrop of the early morning sky. It’s quiet, yet sound breaks through as though sneaking around, tiptoeing through the dark. There’s the faint bark of a … Continue reading An Ode to San Miguel de Allende

In loss we find the other

Lifting my head from Doty’s Heaven’s Coast, I arrive at the intersection of death and loss, and from the nothingness comes sound. Fingers strumming in tune. There’s a celebration somewhere. Happiness. What music shapes into form like playdough in the hands of children? I don’t recognize the tune, but the words—the emotion and reality of that intersection—belongs to me, too. I’ve crossed that street more than once; … Continue reading In loss we find the other

A snapshot of my life in reflection

Each day I become clearer and clearer. Mexico is a gift in that way. I don’t think I’ve ever been this clear before, even as I’ve enjoyed a depth of clarity. Here, in this time and this place, I see differently. Snapshots of truth flash across my mind like fireworks. They come with sound and magic—the eye can’t help but see; the ear can’t help … Continue reading A snapshot of my life in reflection