Becoming Undone (my journey in letting go)

I never did read Wally Lamb’s She’s Come Undone, but I remember it was all the rage in the nineties. I know it to be a young girl’s coming of age story and the journey that led to what eventually would have to come undone. Some things must come undone, must fall away, must be released and let go into the ocean of life in order … Continue reading Becoming Undone (my journey in letting go)

Introducing: Sustained and Carried

Hello, Hello! I am once again on the path of creating my way through life and, as such, the inspiration birthing ideas has come calling. Over time and through space, I have desired to have a platform to showcase my varied interests, and now it has arrived. Allow me to introduce Sustained and Carried, my new site that is a blend of social media and news … Continue reading Introducing: Sustained and Carried

I go there, wherever there is to go

An Ode to San Miguel de Allende, a small colonial mountain town in Mexico that was my home for ten months. I am reminded that all things arise, and all things fall away; all things come, and all things go. I stand now at the exit, a door that was just before an entrance into a world foreign. No longer separated by language. I have … Continue reading I go there, wherever there is to go