Infinite Presence

It happens in the moment that we turn within. We hear the way of the path and the path of the way. The clutter of mind turned chaos fades behind life’s backdrop that the spotlight shows clearly the way. It is an unpaved path down an open road so vast the mind seeks not to know. It understands deeply that all things are available in … Continue reading Infinite Presence

All is well

It comes cool to calm, like warmth over the chill of the cold. Peace. I welcome it the way I welcome gratitude bursting from the seams of my inner. This is the walk of my journey through this lifetime. I rise and I fall in seemingly the same moment. I give thanks and I cry for the way of my mind’s movement at times through … Continue reading All is well


I see inside the night. Mysterious things in the dark flicker. The light gets through. Some things are to be known. Questionless. The light always gets through. Even perfect circles have holes. All things cracked enough for the light. The magic happens when you know this: that there is no question at the root of your standing. To be without questions, yet doubt all that … Continue reading Questionless

Fear and truth cannot exist in a single breath

It creeps up on us in the dark when the ghosts blink by. Traces like faint breath collapsing inside itself. Fear. We listen only to the sound of Truth. Guided by the Light that the dark can’t find its way. Some shadows themselves have shadows. Eyes been closed so long the lock tightens; the braille freezes touch. We can’t learn our way through. Can’t think … Continue reading Fear and truth cannot exist in a single breath